School Desk and Education Furniture

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Laboratuvar Mobilyaları, Tezgah Alt Dolapları, Tezgah Üstü Dolaplar, Tezgah Elektrik Sistemleri, Taşıyıcı Ayak Sistemleri, Tezgah Üzeri Çalışma Yüzeyleri ürün guruplarında ihtiyacınıza uygun çözümler üretiyoruz.

School Desk and Education Furniture

We create satisfactory solutions for your needs in laboratory Furnitures, bench top and bottom cabinets, bench electrical systems, carrier leg systems, benchtop work surfaces product groups. Laboratory Furnitures is carried out with the aim of achieving the most accurate and optimal performance with a multi-disciplinary approach such as assembly processes, projecting within the relevant syllabus and methods, creating the right installation foundations, determining and using the right materials.

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Laboratuvar Sistemleri

Endüstri, kamu ve eğitim uygulamaları için yenilikçi çözümler sunuyoruz.

Albalab is a company that has been carrying on the business for more than 15 years with both its professionalism and knowledge.


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