Fume Hoods

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Fume Hoods

Standard Fume Hoods

Don't let your security concerns get in your way.

Don’t let your concerns get in the way. In the laboratory, fume hoods are a must-have. When you mix chemicals in your experiments and testing, the gas and odor that results can be hazardous to your health. Fume hoods are composed of galvanized sheet metal and keep you protected from chemicals and corrosion. It’s also quite simple to operate. We’ve compiled a list of standard fume hood features for you, which are divided into standard, performance, polypropylene, walk-in, exproof, radiopharmaceutical (Nuclear Medicine), and over-the-counter categories based on their intended use.

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Standard Fume Hood Technique

The side panels that make up the carrier component of the fumehood are designed to allow the windshield to move freely. The nozzles inside the power lines, power line armatures, and gas lines are controlled by two vertical service columns positioned in front of the side panels.

Depending on your needs, the workbench surface with conventional fume hoods can be made of anti-acid compact laminate or 316 Stainless Steel Sheet and Polypropylene material. Albalab also provides users with alternatives such as an automatic glass system, fan control, and alarm system upon request.

Thanks to our systems that manage the air flow with fume cupboard models that comply with EN-145 regulations, we, the Albalab family, have no concerns about your safety. Albalab makes fume hoods and supplies materials to its customers that restrict the entrance of toxic acids and gases into the room, effectively remove smoke to prevent explosions, and prevent the splashing of flying particles.

The rust-proof steel counter surface, on the other hand, is primarily employed in the moist regions and in work that requires hygiene. It is commonly preferred in 1.10-1.60 mm thickness depending on the application. It is made with high barrier edges to keep any liquid from spilling out

Standard Fume Hood Measurement and Structure

Offering four different models: ALBALAB-90, ALBALAB-120, ALBALAB-150, and ALBALAB-180, with outer measurements ranging from 900 to. The internal measurements of the cabin are average. In accordance with the aforementioned fume cabinets technique, the body and cabinet structure of typical fume hoods are manufactured of Electrostatic Epoxy Painted Galvanized Steel 1.20 mm. Fluorescent bulbs with an output of 800 lux are utilized in conventional fume hoods. Materials that are integrated with the ventilation system and suited for chemical storage are utilized in the lower cabinets of the furnaces. For fume cabinets, Albalab tempered guillotine glass is preferred.

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Performance Fume Hoods

Fume hood manufactured in line with EN-14175 regulations for the development of joint health and safety units ensure that the air flow of the laboratories is entirely controlled and safe. When these qualities are considered, it will be easy to determine how sophisticated the technical aspects are. One of the most basic functions provided by the aforementioned fume hood systems, on the other hand, is the prevention of harmful gases emitted by air and the provision of a controlled flow. As a result, the performance fume hoods available in the market are impressive in terms of ease of use and performance.

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Technical Features

Here are technical features performance fume hoods have:

  • They use an active carbon filter system to manage the air flow to the chimney output.
  • There is a fireproof electrical outlet with an LCD control.
  • Additional taps include an air tap, a water tap, and a vacuum tap.
  • They’re made of 6 mm glass that’s been electronically regulated.
  • They feature a 230 volt output with a 60-hz frequency.

These high-performance fume hoods are equipped with advanced capabilities that allow you to completely control the airflow. In fact, by disseminating harmful gases into the environment, their designs prevent the emergence of numerous respiratory illnesses. When they are regarded, however, they generate an extremely significant air control system because they contain an active carbon filter system for the chimney. They can execute several activities as performance fume hoods in a short amount of time due to its high supply voltage. When compared to these most basic qualities, they come out on top with features that demonstrate exceptional performance without sacrificing quality. In every way, they are among the typical instances of favorable fume hood systems when examined in terms of these technological feature, which are totally in the middle. When seen in the context of these features, they are products that have feature which can be easily implemented in laboratory settings.

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Exproof Fume Hoods

Fume hoods, which are a part of the air flow and control system, are one of the items that must be included in laboratory units. Fume hoods are particularly significant in the regulated evacuation of steam and dangerous gases in the air, which is especially crucial in terms of occupational and worker health and safety. As a result of all of these advantages, working employees can focus on their work without being distracted, and fresh, clean air flow freely throughout the area. When all of this is weighed in terms of the traits that fall in the middle, the technical aspects that draw attention in every way remain prominent. The fume hoods in question are ex-proof.

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Basic Technical Features

Exproof fume hoods have a variety of working surfaces, including industrial ceramic, stainless steel, and kalesinterflex ceramic surface. They’re composed of electrostatically galvanized steel, which is quite durable. There are also more taps such as a gas tap, a water tab, and an air tap. There are stainless steel mobile lower cabinet units as well as complete mobile lower cabinet units. In terms of these qualities, it is unquestionably a fully functional product.

Filtration System

One of the most significant components in air flow control systems, exproof fume hoods, not only provide air flow, but also ensure that they are discharged in a thoroughly controlled manner. As a result, they come with their own filtering system. When the activated carbon filter reaches the chimney outlet, they are ready to use. The fact that they are made with two surfaces, an inner cabin and an exterior cabin, is another key aspect that aids to achieving a perfectly healthy air flow. With the help of a fan, they allow hazardous gases to escape to the outside without causing respiratory problems. In terms of these characteristics, they are a great option.

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Polypropylene Fume Hoods

Bad air conditions in the surroundings are fully eliminated by fume hoods, ensuring completely clean air in the laboratory. On the other hand, they are critical for employees to focus on their task and create a safe working environment so that they are not exposed to respiratory ailments caused by toxic gases. The aforementioned fume hoods, which are manufactured in accordance with EB-14175 quality standards, are designed to quickly absorb any adverse weather conditions inside with the help of the blower and replace it with clean air.

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Materials and Techniques

Polypropylene fume hoods are one of the most common fume hoods. Due to the fact that they are made of polypropylene, they are one of the fume hood kinds that continues to provide superior performance. The active air carbon filter ensures that all diffusion gases reach the chimney exit technically. They are constructed of 15 mm polypropylene and has a storage cabinet there are also gas and water faucets.


Çeker ocak tiplerinden olan polipropilen çeker ocaklar 6 mm giyotinli cam sistemine sahiptir. Sahip olduğu fan sistemi de 3000 ila 5000 metreküp hacmindedir. Bu özelliğiyle de gerçekten standartların üstünde bir işlevi bulunan bir özelliğinin bulunduğu rahatlıkla söylenebilmektedir. Aç - Kapa iki adet pako şartel sistemi de bulunan bu çeker ocak tipinin 800 lüks floresan lambaları aydınlatmayı sağlar. Cihazın tam 250 mm havalandırma çıkışı bulunur. Her yönden düşünüldüğü zaman söz konusu cihazın tamamen 21. yüzyıl laboratuvar teknolojisine göre üretilmiş cihazlardan birisi olduğunu çok net bir şekilde ifade etmemiz olanaklı olabilmektedir. Bütün bu belli başlı unsurları yönünden düşünüldüğü zaman gerçekten de her yönüyle kaliteden ödün verilmeden polipropilen çeker ocaklar sisteminin rahatlıkla kullanım özelliklerine sahip olduğunu söylemek olanaklı olabilmektedir. Elbette bütün bu özellikteki kapasitesi ile de her yönden kullanım amacının kat kat üstünde özellik göstermiş olduğunu net olarak ifade etmek mümkün olacaktır. Böylelikle çok kısa bir sürede ortama temiz hava akışının hakim olması sağlanmaktadır.

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