Gas Cylinder Cabinets

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Gas Cylinder Cabinets

Cylinders in industrial production facilities, factory companies, or R&D laboratories are groups of flammable explosive substances that are highly dangerous and can cause irreparable damage. These must be housed in specially designed storage cabinets. When done this way, however, it will be done in accordance with both occupational health and safety laws. This has necessitated the creation of a tube cabinet. They have certain features.

  • Tube cabinets are made of 1.20 mm galvanized steel and are electrostatically coated with anti-chemical epoxy powder paints before being baked.
  • Cover systems for tube cabinets are double walled. The goal is to insulate both the heat and the air completely.
  • The floor of the tube cabinets is made to look like a folded ramp to make it easier to place the tubes inside.
  • A polypropylene fan system is used, and the pako switch next to it controls it.
  • Tube cabinets are one of the most common laboratory goods, and they’re made to EN-14420 quality standards.
Tube Cabinets for Laboratories

Tube cabinets for laboratories are designed to keep the aforementioned industrial tubes in a secure, closed storage box. This serves as a protective shield, safeguarding both the laboratory’s occupational safety and personnel’s health by ensuring their safety. Fire-resistant tube cabinets are among the most used as laboratory cabinets. Type 90 and Type 30 are the two types. Tube cabinets of this types are relatively simple to operate.

These fire-resistant tube cabinets are made of electrostatic epoxy powder paint galvanized steel and delivered to laboratory facilities. Tube cabinets with tube fixing apparatus and tube ramps are particularly essential product categories in terms of producing a completely safe security mechanism in double-walled door systems. When viewed in terms of its most fundamental characteristics, they are quite beneficial in terms of longevity and the capacity to do numerous operations without sacrificing quality, particularly in terms of tube storage.

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