Laboratory Sinks

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Laboratory Sinks

The washbasins of the laboratories are among the areas that are used frequently and require the most hygienic cleaning. Of course, this situation necessitates sensitive cleaning procedures and the usage of all scientific equipment. When all of these characteristics are considered, it is evident that the contents of laboratory accessories are critical in every way.


The sinks have certain features. These laboratory sinks are made of polypropylene industrial ceramics, and rust-proof steel components, among the other things. All of these are combined to allow for industrial development operations that result in washbasin systems that are entirely high quality, rust-proof, and always of high quality. When they are regarded in terms of their measurements in various capacities, on the other hand, these important traits in every sense become clearer. Another aspect that jumps out is that they are totally resistant to chemicals poured in it.

Frequently Used Models

There are laboratory sinks that are frequently used in laboratories. These are materials that have a high level of resistance to chemical spills and look to be manufactured with high-quality materials. When all of these characteristics are analyzed, the astonishing attributes as extraordinary elements can be stated.

Main Sinks Types
  • 40x40 cm polypropylene sinks
  • 30x30 cm polypropylene sinks
  • 30x30 cm rustproof steel sinks
  • 40x40 cm rustproof steel sinks
  • 40x40 cm industrial ceramic sinks
  • 45x50 cm industrial ceramic sinks

Laboratory sinks, as are obvious from all of these models, are among the most useful and long-lasting laboratory materials available. Industrial ceramics, specifically stoneware models, have recently been one of the most striking models, particularly in terms of being one of the new models.

When considering these characteristics from all angles, it’s important to state that they are manufactured in a variety of sizes and measurements. when all of these characteristics are considered together, we will be able to properly convey how exceptional certain traits are.

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Laboratuvar Sistemleri

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